Haven at Blue Creek

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It’s Personal

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Committed to You

We are a family owned and operated, world class treatment center, dedicated to being a safe haven to those wanting to change their life. Our team is driven by passion to provide the best care to patients that need focused time, education, and empathy within a community-based facility. We are a registered not for profit center that is committed to a mission that will lift people with a lifetime of hope.


The Future a Day at a Time

Haven at Blue Creek lovingly provides compassionate treatment for those battling substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders. The Haven at Blue Creek wellness team gives patients the tools they need to begin a lifetime of enduring recovery. We offer all levels of care: detoxification, stabilization, residential treatment, comprehensive discharge, and after planning. The tranquil and private setting is the perfect complement to a caring, honest, and empathic treatment environment.


A Holistic Recovery Campus and Location

Haven at Blue Creek is nestled on a 300-acre land parcel amid beautiful rolling farmlands on the outskirts of Greenville, North Carolina. Local airport hubs include Pitt Greenville, Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, and Norfolk airports. Greenville is well known for its major health system that is one of only a few; level one trauma centers that are integrated with a top-notch medical school. Mild weather year-round makes North Carolina an exceptional location for addiction treatment and recovery.

The Haven at Blue Creek campus is both peaceful and private, boasting three bodies of water and a wooded perimeter that provides privacy and serenity. Initial construction of the campus has begun, with a Spiritual Renewal Center and athletic facilities, including an Olympic-sized pool, already completed.

PROPOSEd amenities

Fitness Center

A physical health plan starts by regenerating the body and mind. We believe by providing our clients with the right tools to nourish their body and soul this will help with a healthy, strong recovery plan.

We look forward to sharing a full list of our amenities soon.




Our Goal

Donations will support programs for the community-based treatment center looking to offer world class treatment to anyone seeking recovery.

A Scholarship fund to support individuals and families who have no insurance, or are under-insured, will be an ongoing priority for Haven’s fundraising programs. Focused gifts can be developed to meet your heart felt interests from naming opportunities to sponsoring a program for someone in need. Please contact us for more information on the programs, team, facility, and outreach.


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