Haven At Blue Creek – Women's Rehabilitation Center


Haven at Blue Creek is a place where women can feel safe and supported during their healing process. Our team provides expert guidance through an immersive women-specific clinically-driven healing curriculum. As part of our individualized recovery plans, we center on each woman’s faith and help them to shape a path forward.
Women can face unique barriers in addiction treatment due to various factors. One significant barrier is the stigma attached to substance use disorders in women, which can result in shame and fear of judgment. Women may also experience societal pressure to prioritize their familial or caregiving roles over seeking help for their addiction, as well as fear of losing custody of their children if they admit to having a substance use disorder. 
Studies have shown that women participating in women-specific addiction treatment programs have better outcomes.

We could use your help at HBC

Would you like to volunteer your time to help with our services 

Are you looking to join the HBC family and have the skills and/or credentials to help or work with us 

Do you or your company have the capacity to donate services in kind, financial contributions for scholarship, or campus building donations (art, fountains, buildings, and more) 

HBC will need community assistance in many ways as we develop our 250-acre campus to serve individuals and families experiencing substance use disorders and other underlying behavioral health disorders. 

If you or someone you know has time to volunteer, a specific skillset or credential that would help us serve our future clients or developing campus; or the capacity to donate, find donors to assist in the campus naming and building, please contact us at info@havenatbluecreek.com  


Haven at Blue Creek is nestled on a 300-acre land parcel amid beautiful rolling farmlands on the outskirts of Greenville, North Carolina

Local airport hubs include Pitt Greenville, Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, and Norfolk airports. Greenville is well known for its major health system that is one of only a few; level one trauma centers that are integrated with a top-notch medical school. Mild weather year-round makes North Carolina an exceptional location for addiction treatment and recovery.

Haven at Blue Creek campus is both calm and private, boasting three reflective bodies of water and an abundance of privacy afforded by a wooded perimeter. A Spiritual Renewal Center and athletic facilities, including an Olympic-sized pool, already completed. 
Open aired and expansive, the campus is a serene and carefully planned campus where healing happens.

We are grateful to Upheal, which frees up our therapists from paperwork, allowing them to

 dedicate more quality time to our residents.